Your Acquisition or Exit Strategy

Looking for new business verticals, expansion of your regional coverage or simply wish to accelerate your growth?

An acquisition strategy may be the best way forward. You then need an acquisition strategy and get in touch with the perfect candidates for M&A. There are many M&A brokers out there who can assist you. Most of them base their work on commonly accessible listings of companies that are up for sale. 

We work differently. Arranging more valuable acquisitions


Our first-hand relationships in a large international CRO network, provides us with insight in their company culture, strengths and weaknesses. Often we match exactly the right M&A candidates even when they are not up for sale. You don’t just want a good deal on a CRO. You want to buy right one.


We can guide you in setting and reaching your M&A objectives.

We'd like to support you with:
  • Defining your acquisition strategy
  • Gaining investment capital
  • Identifying best qualified acquisition candidates
  • Valuating your company
  • Negotiating and structuring deals
  • Performing the due-diligence procedures
  • The roll-out of post-merger integration activities

The very first step however, is to get in touch.



Have you spent years successfully building your CRO into a stable company, and feel it's time for a next step?

Are you considering selling?




Being well prepared before you sell your company makes a big difference.

Our deep knowledge and network in the global CRO business can aid your company exit at maximum value.

Aside from presenting a healthy financial performance, it is key that you show potential buyers the maximum growth potential of your company. This can greatly improve your company valuation. Optimally, before we introduce your company to potential buyers we start your exit preparations a year (or two) in advance. As part of our Exit Strategy services, we first define how to optimize your company for extended growth beyond the sell of your company.

Having successfully completed preparations, we identify and communicate the key attributes of your business to trusted potential buyers that would make a perfect fit, always under strict confidentiality.

In short, our services include:

  • Maximize your company value
  • Create a company presentation
  • Identify and communicate the key attributes of your business to the best potential buyers, under strict confidentiality
  • Negotiate and structure the transaction
  • Manage internal and external communication strategy

The very first step however, is to get in touch.



Your Acquisition or Exit Strategy - Beyond Tomorrow Today