Your Growth Strategy


How you survive as a small to medium-size CRO in this competitive market depends on your strategy.

Have you built your CRO from the ground up to a sustainable mid-size organisation? Then we applaud you on your achievements, on your determination and perseverance. 

Chances are you are hitting a ceiling in terms of growth at some point. Growth may be slowing down, profit margins may be thinning and the win-rate of your sales just doesn’t significantly improve regardless of your team’s efforts. Yet, you are convinced about your company’s potential. Where does that leave you?

Maybe your company is performing very well and you are seeking to expand into new niches or markets that require a specific approach and network.

This is when you need a strong business development strategy. Our team at Beyond Tomorrow is ready to help you define it.


By drawing on over 20 years of business development and marketing experience, we work with you to develop a strong company growth plan. We achieve this by applying a short and effective approach to capture and combine essential knowledge and experience of your executive team, trend information, market data and our own visionary input.


We take a step-by-step approach, starting small. You are in control of every step we take together. We commonly start with this three-step.

STEP 1: Introductory Interview

Together with you; the owner(s) and/or CEO we get insight in your business history, your client portfolio, financials, market segments, your growth ambitions and/or exit strategy.

STEP 2: Trend Analysis Workshop

Together with your management team we review key market trends and opportunities, what your competition is like, determine your current positioning and what makes your company unique, we analyse your client portfolio and uncover your hidden strengths.

STEP 3: Company Strategy Workshop

Based on the output of the second workshop and a market and competitive analysis, we develop a ready-to-go roadmap for your company growth, including a business development plan with clear goals and/or an acquisition or exit strategy.

After these three steps you will have gained a clearer insight into your market, your competition, a firm outline of where growth opportunities lie and how to achieve them. Pragmatic and executable advise. Beyond this point we can work with you to coach your organisation through the implementation and execution of your growth and sales strategy, exceeding your sales objectives.

The very first step however, is to get in touch.



We build strong global CRO brands

We are proud of each brand we have helped position and build. Among them are: 

Globalising a European CRO

Summary of Request:

A medium size European CRO aspired to become a global player.

Our approach:

We repositioned the company as a “Global CRO with local Expertise”. After defining a new Business Development Strategy, we restructured and trained the team on key account management principles and improved the proposal process.

We facilitated the company’s acquisition of a US based  CRO, the integration of the two companies, and leading the US operation ad interim.  


  • A global sales infrastructure
  • Preferred provider relationships with global pharma
  • Awarded first global studies
Growing a niche CRO

Summary of Request:

A small CRO was looking for ways to improve their new project acquisition rate and grow their organization to the next level.

No business development structure was in place. The company needed a better organised sales approach.

Our approach:

As a large proportion of the company’s clients were operating in niche market, together with the management we decided to position the company as a niche specialist, and created a clear sales & marketing strategy. A Business Developer was recruited and trained on sales techniques and accountmanagement principles.

Proposal and bid defense process was reviewed and improved.


  • The company being awarded the award of as best niche specialist CRO for 2 years in a row.
  • Sales increased with 250% in a 9-months period.
  • A partnership with a US CRO was formed to operate on a transatlantic level.


Growing a regional CRO

Summary of Request:

A CRO based in Central Eastern Europe had the ambition to expand the business throughout Europe. No business development infrastructure was in place. In order to achieve their objectives, they required a clear growth strategy and Business Development approach.

Our approach:

During three workshops and sessions with the management, we identified the company’s unique assets and a scenario with the highest growth potential. We re-positioned the company and created a marketing campaign targeting customers matching the company’s unique potential. A BD infrastructure was established and a tactical sales & marketing plan implemented. We identified a candidate for M&A to expand the company’s verticals and European spread.


  • Clear company branding
  • Tapped into a new customer base
  • Increased proposal & project pipeline and average project size of 300%.
Raising the bar in the CRO market


PharmaNet (Inventiv) was established in 1997 with the objective to bring the CRO business to a higher scientific level. From its origin, the company was set up as a global organization with the objective to become a major player in the CRO market.

Beyond Tomorrow’s partners Ineke Rijnhout (EU) and Hani Zaki (US) joint the company from its start, responsible for Business Development.


Through a BD-centered approach, strong accountmanagement principles, proactive project management and premium client service, a successful global organization of 2,100 FTE was built organically with 20 offices worldwide in 6 years time. The company was acquired by SFBC International in 2005 and is currently Inventiv.



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